Pet Lovers Art Gifts & Resources
Horse Art Books
Degas at the Races
Jean Sutherland Boggs
Horses of the Sun
Robert Vavra
Stubbs & The Horse
Malcolm Warner
Raoul Millais
Franz Marc
Deborah Butterfield
Robert Gordon
Hollywood Hoofbeats
Petrine Day Mitchum
The Art of the Horse
John Fairley
Sylvia Loch
Horse Carving With Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe
Walton Ford
Steven Katz
Horse People
Michael J. Rosen
Sacred Legacy
Edward S. Curtis
Horses of the Camargue
Sophie Delavoie
Arabians From the Camera of Johnny Johnston
Jean-Louis Gouraud
C.J. Hadley
Michael Eastman
The American Quarter Horse
Becky Prunty
Photographing Horses
Lesli Groves
Among Wild Horses
Lynne Pomeranz
The Western Horse
Buster McLaury
Carousel Horses
Sherrell S. Anderson
Painted Ponies
William Manns
El Caballo Espanol
Vavra Robert
Painting and Drawing Horses
Jennifer Bell
A Passion for Horses
Cindy Hale
The Rocking-Horse Maker
Anthony Dew
Lorraine Harrison
Horses Charted Designs
Celeste Plowden
Anatomy of the Horse
Stubbs George Stafford
Ezekiel's Horse
Keith Carter
Dream Horses
Deborah Burns
Tom Wolfe Carves - A Horse of a Different Color
Carving Horse Portraits in Relief
Kurt Koch
Painting Horses
Andrea Press
The Horse and Jockey from Artemesion
Seán Hemingway
Outer Banks Wild
Steve Alterman
The Armored Horse in Europe
Stuart W. Pyhrr
The Medieval Horse and its Equipment
John Clark
Belmont Park
Edward L. Bowman
Wild and Beautiful Sable Island
Pat Keough
Chronicle Books
A Field of Horses
James L. Young
Wild Horses of the Dunes
Rich Pomerantz
Crown Jewels of Thoroughbred Racing
Richard Stone Reeves
Four Seasons of Racing
Barbara D. Livingstone
The Kentucky Derby
Bill Doolittle
Anne Holland
Anne Holland
Along the Cowboy Trail
Tammy A. LeRoy
The Sporting Art of Franklin B. Voss
Peter Winants
The Texas Cowboys
Tom B. Saunders
The Performance Horse
Jennifer Forsberg