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How To Stop The 3 Most Annoying Dog Behaviors

As any dog owner will tell you, their pet has some habit that just irks them to no end and most likely this same trait is common amongst many of their fellow dog owners animals. There are three traits people find totally horrid that most dogs seem to find great joy in performing. In this article, we will discuss the three worst behaviors for annoyance factor and how to stop them.

When you ask around regarding the most annoying dog behaviors known, this one is sure to come up. Dogs are known for this behavior around the world and still they persist. What behavior are we discussing? You guessed it. Dogs like to drink from the toilet and just do not seem to grasp the point that you find this behavior disgusting. To be fair, they probably wonder how you can stand to drink bottled water and sodas as, to them, this would appear a stagnant pool. Dogs prefer fresh, cool, running water and, unfortunately for those who really wish their pet would find a different fountain, the modern toilet provides just that.

Thus dogs the world over seem drawn to this bottomless water dish and while, with the exception of cleansers and household poisons, this is fairly harmless to the dog, humans the world over are in an uproar. So how do we fix this problem? Well, the first step is an easy one. Break the pattern of the behavior by closing the toilet lid or the bathroom door. This will remove the temptation and force the dog to look elsewhere for water. In conjunction with this step, be sure to provide your dog with lots of clean, fresh water at all times. The dog should always have a readily available water source unless a veterinarian tells you otherwise. By closing off access to the toilet and leaving alternate water supply, you are retraining your dog towards a more suitable water source.

But what of the second most irritating behavior, jumping on guests. Luckily for the trainers of the world, this is almost as easy to correct as the first problem. Dogs are friendly and gregarious creatures. When they see a new playmate, they naturally want to start playing right away. Unfortunately, your well-dressed guest might not feel too inclined to play with the dog that has just been rolling in the mud puddle in the back yard. So how do you teach your dog to mind his manners and save your guests prom dress at the same time?

Well, just as with everything else, it all goes back to the training. Teach the dog while it's a pup and it will remember its whole life. If you thought it was cute for a fuzzy little pup to try and jump up and greet you, guess who is responsible for the one hundred pound mud monster that just ruined your prom? Or you could have avoided this tragedy by starting small and ignoring a pup that jumps. After a while, the animal realizes that this action gets no attention and is not really worth his trouble. Instead reward the pup for not jumping with copious amounts of verbal praise and treats.

This teaches the dog that not jumping is the reward getter. Also try introducing your dog to new faces while the animal is on a leash or harness as this provides more control for the handler and a properly placed'no' will tell the pup that this behavior is inappropriate. If your dog has gotten past the puppy stage before you try to correct this situation, things may be a bit tougher but take heart. With persistence and patience, you can still have a dog that minds its manners.

The third most annoying behavior we will discuss is Face Licking, which is especially annoying if your pet also has the first behavior. Licking is a way for dogs to show affection and also to be comforting to their masters. If your dog is licking you, it is probably for one of these two reasons or maybe just because your dog likes the way you taste. The problem most people encounter is when the correct the dog for this behavior, the animal either sees it as a game or thinks it is not getting its message across and comes back stronger. So how do we correct this?

Again the key is consistency and starting with a younger dog will make this much easier. Remember to use your 'no' commands and give the dog some other outlet for expressing affection. Perhaps let the dog lick the back of your hand or give the dog treats for not licking. If the dog persists in licking your face, a light but firm slap to the nose should calm the even the most amorous pooch. Or if the dog seems it will never give up, just smile and be happy that at least he doesn't drink from the toilet anymore.

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