Pet Lovers Art Gifts & Resources
Cat Art Books
Why Paint Cats
Burton Silver
Fantastic Felines
Laurel Burch
The Cats History of Western Art
Susan Herbert
Cats, Cats, Cats
Andy Warhol
Famous Painted Cats
Burton Silver
Images of the Cat
Nigel Cawthorne
Why Cats Paint
Burton Silver
Cat Artists & Their Work
Heather Busch
Medieval Cats
Susan Herbert
The Cats Gallery of Western Art
Susan Herbert
Opera Cats
Susan Herbert
Kitty City
Judy Chicago
The Cat & The Human Imagination
Katharine M. Roger
The Well-Bred Cat
James Wallar
Martin Leman's Cats
Robin Dutt
Cats in Art
Carol Belanger Grafton
Steinlen Cats
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
A Cat Compendium
Peter Haining
Cats of Louis Wain
Patricia Allderidge
Cat People
Cats and Kittens at Play
Henriette Ronner
The English Cat Artist
Heather Latimer
Charlie the Redcat
Jim Tweedy
Charlie the Red Cat
Jim Tweedy
Kitty Capers
Carol Armstrong
Pet Crafts
Heidi Boyd
Julie Hasler
Cat Crafts
Dawn Cusick
Cats in Quilts
Carol Armstrong
The Cat's Meow
Janet Kime
T. S. Eliot
Draw 50 Cats
Lee J. Ames
Clawed Monet's Book of Famous Cats
Clawed Monet
The New Yorker Book of All-New Cat Cartoons
New Yorker
The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons
New Yorker
The Life & Death of Fritz the Cat
Robert Crumb
Jim Dratfield
The Artful Cat
Running Press
The Red Cat Society
Patrick Regan
Lights, Camera, Hairballs!
Jim Davis
Classical Cats
Donald Engels
Classic Cats by Great Photographers
Jules Farber
Fenton Glass Cats & Dogs
Tara Coe-Mcritchie
Meditations for Cat Lovers
Deanna Hansen-Doying
Judy Reinen
Christine Montaquila
National Geographic Cat Shots
Michelle Slung
The Big Book of Cats
J.C. Suares
The Complete Cats in the Sun
Chronicle Books
Sleeping in the Sun
Hans Silvester
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
T.S. Eliot
Hemingway's Cats
Carlene Fredericka
Cats of Africa
Paul Bosman
Great Cats
Simon Combes
Pets & Their Stars
Pamela Anderson
Saving the Big Cats
Stephen D. McCloud